* Mark Wielaard <m...@klomp.org> [2019-12-31 12:49]:
> It would indeed be good if we worked with the FSF to ratify the GNU
> Social Contract and make sure it doesn't clash with their mission. But
> given the FSF has several other programs it runs, I think it is better
> if it is self contained. I don't see it as a problem that GNU
> maintainers outside their GNU work might not fully adhere to the social
> contract as long as we can trust each other to do when we are working
> together on the GNU project itself.

FSF is not overseeing GNU project, it is supporting it.

Richard Stallman is person who could "ratify" it, and social contract
is not necessary for GNU, that was already discussed and resolved so
far I know, multiple times on this list.

Tell me if I am wrong.

I am surprised that you and few other people forcefully wish to impose
something that is not necessary and that was said not to be necessary,
and behind the back of Richard Stallman, head of the GNU project.

Finally, your writings pretend to speak as officially authorized by
GNU project, which it is not, and then again, tell me if I am wrong.

In any company business, one would have to have legal authorization to
speak on behalf any entity or group or person.

Did you get any authorization by RMS for those writings of you?


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