* DJ Delorie <d...@delorie.com> [2020-01-04 21:03]:
> Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> writes:
> > Why should any policy of GNU be changed when they have been
> > functioning well for decades?
> This argument was used when GPLv2 was introduced, and again with GPLv3.
> Things change, we must adapt.  "The old way is good enough" is not a
> good long-term policy.

Things always change and improve over time, for as long as good people
are running those things, that is true.

The subject was not the improvement over time, subject was the current
change of policies or as you said "amend policies", as you would need
to have actual reason to amend anything, and in case of any amendments
and proposals, one should propose it to RMS, and if there is rejection
or lack of acceptance, one shall respectfully take it back.


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