* Andreas R. <a...@softwarelibre.nl> [2020-01-12 14:05]:
> > > maybe my wording caused misunderstandings, but I did not mean the Social
> > > Contract to be a comprehensive document that codifies our inner
> > > working;
> > 
> > If not approved by RMS, you are speaking in vain. How about you make
> > your own free software project, and do it there?
> As much as I admire your passion for the discussion, suggesting that the
> worst possible outcome for the project is desirable (Existing GNU 
> maintainers leaving the project) will likely prove detrimental to
> the discussion.

I have better things to do, but I do think, that it is necessary to
unveil your true intentions, and sort them as not having good

I like to point out to facts.

This is not about passion, but about justice.

In my opinion, GNU project is about free operating system, and as such
it continued and can continue without few disgruntled people who hate
Dr. Richard M. Stallman for reasons of his opinions.

You are free to hate too, but please take it out of GNU.

> Irrespective of how one might feel about disrespecting rms, respecting
> him as a person is not a requirement.

As he is GNU project founder, it is best for you, that you take your
disrespect and apply it in your home, do not divide people in GNU
project. Divide your own family for example, destroy something else,
move your bad intentions away.

> As I see it, the GNU project is in no real danger of being "taken
> over". It could, however, be in danger of disenfranchised
> maintainers taking their leave for a variety of reasons.
> Every maintainer that takes their leave is a loss and should be
> considered extremely regrettable, even if one personally disagrees
> with them, but their departure is not something the discussion
> should actively steer towards regardless.

And that is exactly the blackmail that you are doing since the first
public shaming and initiative by Ludovic Courtès, the extremist
political and feminist agenda in Guix leadership is destroying the
good image of GNU and Guix.

I cannot say you are welcome. RMS is still welcoming you, that is big
kindness from him. I would not. I would kick you out faster than you
can think. 

> Maybe some causes for dissattisfaction can be addressed to
> everyone's satisfaction in the course of GNU project's governance
> discussion

You can discuss, but nobody invited that discussion.

Governance is clear. Do not deviate. FSF did not invite you to discuss
governance. Stallman's statement about governance is clear on
www.stallman.org -- there is nothing to discuss.

Especially if you have nothing to say or talk to RMS, there is nothing
to discuss. You are hater and rumor monger, your character is bad, you
should let GNU alone.

> , and if, in the end, even a single maintainer who would have
> otherwise resigned decides to stay because their objections have
> been addressed, the elaborate and sometimes difficult discussion
> will have been worth it.

That is because it is your initial plan, to blackmail RMS, to
blackmail GNU, to blackmail FSF, everything for your extreme feminisit
political agenda that Ludovic Courtès introduced into Guix operating

It is long standing policy for GNU that there is no politics, no other
politics but free software.

> Sorry I replied to one of your posts specifically to reply to address this
> matter. It's nothing personal, but I've seen the sentiment expressed a few
> times by various participants on the list and with increasing frequency, and 
> I believe any maintainers needleswsly leaving the GNU project can never be 
> considered a  constructive outcome to the whole situation, no matter how 
> much one might disagree with them.

The only reason that maintainers may wish to leave is not RMS, but
Ludovic Courtès and you, who are rumour mongers, and who are causing
division. You are the one speaking badly about RMS, without
evidence. RMS is not speaking badly about you.

You are the one accusing RMS for anti-feminist propaganda. Ludovic
declared it, he told me personally what is his agenda. He does not
tell much about it in public.

But in GNU politics does not matter. Practice your feminism in France,
not in GNU project, it is apolitical project, no politics other but
free software politics. That is the policy.

Stop blackmailing.


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