On Mon, Jan 06, 2020 at 04:32:53PM -0500, nylxs wrote:
> All volunteer organizations are top down, even Debian...

That is clearly wrong, and well documented for Debian.

Other examples are GNU Guix, where we try to implement a more
participatory model (while there are still GNU maintainers).
I think the GNU toolchain also has a not quite top-down model, but
others know more about it.

Or the non-profit organisations Guix Europe and Aquilenet, where
we have done away with the traditional structure of president, vice-
president and so on who can take all the decisions.
You can find the Guix Europe bylaws here:

Actually, even in more traditionally organised French non-profits,
the president etc. are elected by a yearly assembly of all the
members; I think the same holds in Germany. This is imposed by law
as soon as one wants to register a non-profit.

I think GNU is the only autocratic volunteer organisation I am
contributing to, which, given its goals, is rather ironic.


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