On 1/8/20 4:37 AM, Andreas Enge wrote:
>> All volunteer organizations are top down, even Debian...
> That is clearly wrong, and well documented for Debian.

Actually it is correct.  Debian has governance and although it has
elections and it is clearly top down

It is designed with project leaders on top and in FACT when systemD was
adopted, people were shocked that Debian can have coercive authority and
they broke off and forked over distros

BTW - Debian's governance sinks and is dysfunctional.  It could NEVER do
what GNU does because it gives too much power to the project leaders and
it has become a cespool of special interests

the Debian Technical Committee can, in the end, overule and govern the
entire OS. And then there is the Debian Project Leader

Meanwhile, go volunteer at the American Museum of Natural History and
see if you can move the T-Rex around...

Good luck with that.

Go tell Linus Tovalds how to run the Linux Kernel... see how fa you get

I see no reason at this point why Stallman doesn't just ban the
dissenting project leaders.  He is far more tolerant than I am, and far
more than you are as well.

Honestly, you have do a great deal of damage to a great man and a
personal friend and I despise you for being a big bully.  You should
resign and make your own project elsewhere.

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