On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 15:39:30 +0100, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> I will continue contributing code to (names of projects) retaining all
> intellectual property rights personally during this suspension of the
> agreement.

Please note that the GNU Project and the FSF avoid use of the term
"intellectual property":


> I also wish to notify you that my contributor agreement will be
> reinstated when FSF makes a satisfactory commitment about leadership and
> governance issues.  I have not yet decided what will constitute a
> satisfactory commitment, for now, I will review the proposals put
> forward by FSF and I may contribute further criteria as the situation
> evolves.

The FSF has no authority over the GNU Project, and so this isn't a
useful statement.

GNU requires copyright assignments for all substantial changes from
contributors to GNU packages with copyrights assigned to the FSF.  By
suspending that, your contributions will not be able to be accepted, and
you're predicating the assignment on a condition that is not possible
for the FSF to meet.

I understand there are frustrations all around, but attempting to force
change raises tensions rather than resolving them.

Mike Gerwitz

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