On 1/14/20 9:39 AM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> FSF will not change unless somebody gives them a strong reason to change.
> For example, if GNU developers write the following email to FSF, that
> will bring change.
> Each developer needs to make their own decision if they will send the
> email.  RMS has previously suggested he would not like people to
> completely abandon the agreements.  The email template below is only for
> a conditional suspension of the agreement.  Nobody can tell you to
> continue assigning[1] your rights to FSF if you want to wait for more
> clarity about FSF's future.
> You can still keep coding during the suspension: if a significant
> quantity of code is published and virtually embargoed like this, it
> creates an incentive for FSF to satisfy those people and gain rights
> over that code.
> Regards,
> Daniel Pocock
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> Debian Developer
> https://danielpocock.com
> To: John Sullivan <jo...@fsf.org>
> CC: (relevant project mailing lists)
> Subject: suspension of contributor agreement
> Dear John,
> I am writing to suspend my FSF / GNU project contributor agreement[1]
> signed __/__/____
> I will continue contributing code to (names of projects) retaining all
> intellectual property rights personally during this suspension of the
> agreement.


That would just get you locked out of all GNU projects, probably
permanently.  If you retain your rights, you can not contribute.

Watch who you give the middle finger too, it might be the mirror

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