* Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemow...@gmail.com> [2020-02-09 11:07]:
> I'd like to stress a passage which made me think quite a bit:
> > We have never
> > pressed contributors to endorse the GNU Project philosophy, or any
> > other philosophical views, because people are welcome to contribute to
> > GNU regardless of their views.
> > 
> > To change that -- to impose such requirements -- would be radical,
> > gratuitous, and divisive,
> What holds the project together is indeed something else. One can debate
> what qualifies as "views" and whether radical changes are necessary, but
> personally I appreciate being reminded to be careful about this point.
> I've tried to think of analogues outside the usual communities we usually
> have in mind. In my home town there is a refectory run by Franciscans: I may
> be mistaken, but if you volunteer there you're not even asked whether you're
> a Catholic, let alone asked to join functions if you don't want. I
> understand one may consider that a more menial task, less likely to be
> influenced by philosophical thoughts than what one might code in their
> software, but it's just a comparison, not a model.
> Federico

That is nonpartisan approach. Very liberal and open, acknowledging and
appreciating the contribution, and not what person does in his private
life, or if person is having dirty shoes, or what political party is
that person, or even gender -- all those private issues do not matter,
everybody is welcome to contribute.

That is how I see that GNU project was run for years. And I do expect
from participants to learn the nonpartisan approach, yet obviously we
have here political intentions that are other but free software

nonpartisan from WordNet dictionary

* Overview of adj nonpartisan

The adj nonpartisan has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)
1. nonpartisan, nonpartizan -- (free from party affiliation or bias)


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