On 30.04.2021 22:28, Jean Louis wrote:
> * Taylan Kammer <taylan.kam...@gmail.com> [2021-04-30 22:19]:
>> While some might be familiar with similar constructs from corporate
>> life, and while some people coming from a corporate background may be
>> contributing to this CoC current, it seems very obvious to me that CoCs
>> are mainly a manifestation of the contemporary "political correctness"
>> wave, which IMO has more to do with social activism than
>> corporations.
> From a meme on "social activism" and "social justice warriors", on a
> difference between those:
> Ok, here's the diffrence between "social activists" and "social
> justice warriors":
> - Social activist: "oh look, there's no wheelchair ramps into that
>   building. Let's build a ramp!"
> - Social Justice Warrior: "Let's persecute people using the stairs and
>   make them feel bad for having legs!"

Memes don't make good arguments, but they're pretty good at presenting a
straw man in a humorous way.

- Taylan

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