* Ali Reza Hayati <a...@gnu.org> [2021-05-10 11:57]:
> > If you mean that I said it for any other reason, then I apologise. If
> > RMS has not done any harm to anyone, then once again, I apologise, I was
> > only going by what I read on the Net. Just to get things straight and
> > end the matter, what exactly is this "joke about /abortion/"??!! I don't
> > find abortion anything to joke about. Someone tell me please.

It was not a joke on abortion really, that is how people like to
misinterpret it, as many will never go into finding the true source or

-@c Put in by rms.  Don't remove.
-@strong{Future Change Warning:} Proposed Federal censorship regulations
-may prohibit us from giving you information about the possibility of
-calling this function.  We would be required to say that this is not an
-acceptable way of terminating a program.
-@end cartouche

There was some "Federal censorship regulation" that would prohibit the
free speech, and the pun is within the programs function is abort() on
Federal censorship regulation.

It is not a pun on abortion. (But I don't state here if I would
condone or not condone any pun).

For example Anthony Comstock opposed the distribution of information
about abortion and birth control:

Now we have the situation:

- that pun is on proposed non-sensical anti free speech regulation;

- that it is funny, as the function is abort() and maybe the Federal
  authorities would even limit the programming code for using the

- that it is absolutely not related to abortion, rather to the similar
  word in programming;

- that people call it "Abortion" joke, which is not;

- that RMS is accused for fighting the US censorship, on the fact-less
  "abortion joke"

That is the nature of misunderstanding which is then used
intentionally by few people to exaggerate and exaggerate to the
unbearable points.


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