On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Derek Atkins wrote:
All the solutions I know about are for multiple instances in the same
data center.  I have no idea how to do it in a globally distributed

Failover can be setup via DNS, to ping/check a host and then swap IPs if the first host doesn't respond, and theb you can decide what you want to do when the first host comes back up, probably auto-switching back is harder to setup due to changes that happen on the second server while thw first is down.

dnsmadeeasy.com has the cheapest (and actually best) service for this (as well as other things - I've used them commercially for ten years or so, and had almost no issues.

But, for gnucash, I'd think you don't really need a high availability solution like this. I'd expect good backups to be good enough, particularly if it is a virtual server that can be spun back up from the backup. But, even real hardware is probably good enough - there probably aren't that many urgent requests that come that can't wait a day or two. And DNS could always be manually changed in the worst case.

All that said, if you want to go that route, I have experience with this and can spend time or at least recommend software options.

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