On 12/02/2018 14:27, Alen Siljak wrote:
    This is interesting information.
    I am currently separating the Asset Allocation logic into its own
    Python package, for direct use (cli) and potential library reuse
    between GnuCash Portfolio and an Android app (perhaps an add-on for
    MoneyManagerEx or who knows where it leads).

MoneyManagerEx is single entry and will never get approval in the double entry community. I like they way they do reports, but their understanding of accounting is broken.

    In any case, it seems that Prices seems a likely candidate for
    separation, as well, as that can definitely be reused by multiple
    projects, contains simple data, and can get huge hence it seems better
    to have it separate to the main database.

All of the main text accounting projects can get prices in near real time. They deliberately don't do minute by minute.

    Now, this raises an interesting question of whether GnuCash would
    benefit from the same concept and perhaps reuse the price db. This
    might even be invisible to an average user but someone more advanced
    could take advantage. The internal GnuCash logic could remain
    more-or-less the same, in getting the latest price for the day only.
    I think a single table might be enough for this purpose, pretty much
    what's in GnuCash now. I have not yet looked into details for this.

We spoke about this before. gnc is a bad platform for trading, end of discussion.

    I'm wondering what the opinion here in the project would be about such
    an idea in terms of reuse and/or tools for populating and reading the

My advice is don't go there.

    I will definitely be creating a separate project for this, just hoping
    someone else is interested.

There is lots of scope in other projects, I don't like people forcing one to be another

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    IIRC the discussion at the time was about whether gnc should or could
    used for trading. the result was "no" and it was decided that the price
    db should only have one entry per day (some people wanted multiple
    entries per day in an attempt to use gnc for trading, that was never
    going to work as gnc is a crap model for all the other stuff short term
    traders need, like quick graphs, moving averages, etc).

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