😊 I think I would love to sit down in a pub with the three of you (Wm, Adrien, and Mike). I think we could have such awesome semi-drunken discussions about the nature of life, the universe and everything!

I'm in London. Mike is in a Trump voting bit of Merka. Don't know where Adrien is and he shouldn't have to say.
I am NOT in a "Trump voting bit of Merka". Not only in one of the "bluest" of the blue states but in a county of that state where on primary election day Bernie had an absolute majority of all votes cast (for all candidates in all parties). Here, people organized FCCPR (Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution) BEFORE the general election. Not to oppose Trump (didn't know/expect he would win) but intended to try to keep Hilary's feet to the fire on the program. Of course the focus of FCCPR is now different.
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