Hi Ellen,

I wonder if you are encountering the same issue I had when updating Win 10
Pro from version 1809 to 1903.  My old Lenovo laptop circa 2010 was
originally running Win 7 Enterprise which I updated to Win 10 Pro when
Microsoft were offering the free upgrade to Win 10.

Not long ago I had a message under updates to the affect that my pc wasn't
quite ready for 1903 , then a bit later got some interim updates which must
have readied it as shortly after that I got the actual 1903 updates. After
the update to 1903 and subsequent reboot all seemed ok except that Dropbox,
OneDrive and Google Drive or Backup and Sync suddenly couldn't find their
local folders under C:\Users\David.

Looking under C:\Users I found that the update seemed to have duplicated my
User Name and I now also had a C:\Users\David.000 user folder in addition
to the original C:\Users\David folder. There were a few files remaining in
the C:\Users\David folder but the bulk of them had been moved over to under
the newly created C:\Users\David.000 folder and also the registry seemed to
have been updated in many cases (perhaps all ?) to point to

I suggest you take a look in C:\Users to see if the update to version 1903
has done the same thing to your C:\Users folder as it did to me.  If so
check the Desktop folder - it's in your user folder, in my case it's
in C:\Users\David\Desktop but it got moved/renamed
to C:\Users\David.000\Desktop as part of the update.

If you find it there, as David Cousens mentioned in his reply you can just
start GnuCash and use File >> Open in GnuCash to navigate to the file and
open it.  Failing that if you have a backup in the cloud you may have to
copy your backup file down to your desktop.

Hope this helps, Regards David H.

On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 at 13:23, Ellen S. Dunlap <ellendun...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm a long-time satisfied Gnucash user, but have hit a technical snag that
> is far beyond my ability to understand or remediate.
> I am using Gnucash 3.5+ (2019-03-30) and recently upgraded my Win10Pro to
> version 1903.  After the upgrade, when I open Gnucash I get a popup telling
> me my current Gnucash file "could not be found.  The file is in the history
> list; do you want to remove it? Yes/No."  I've tried yes and no, but seem
> to be getting nowhere.
> I keep my Gnucash files on my desktop (and also backup to the cloud), and
> when I open the desktop folder I see that the most recent Gnucash
> transactions aren't there with the earlier sessions.
> Can some nice person on this list walk me (gently) through the proper fix?
> Thanks.
> Grandma Ellen
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