Hi David,

Am Fr., 16. Aug. 2019 um 09:33 Uhr schrieb David Cousens
> Hi Frank,
> I created a stripped OFX import file from one of my bank accounts OFX files
> and created an version with a few transactions edited  and several deleted I
> now have a series of screenshots of the import matcher after importing the
> shortened file and then importing the full file so I can do a blow by blow
> description of importing a file and matching it for the guide . I can do the
> OFX and CSV sections and then the import matcher but I only have a small QIF
> test file. I have shots of the register before during and after import. It
> may be overkill so I'll see what it looks like

Good work, but do we really need a full serie of all steps in all
import formats?
Or can we strip it down one serie with branches only, where
significant differences appear?
Keep in mind translators would have to redo them, too.

> For the help manual I'll just put in a screenshot of each gui and explain
> the buttons, check boxes and editing controls.


> David
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