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> Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2017 11:59:51 -0400
> Subject: Help on US Tax Form 8825
> Why GNU Cash can't classify an expenses to be reported in US Federal Tax
> >From 8825 Line 14 (Depreciation)? TurboTax shows that the annual
> depreciation shall be reported in this line, but I can't set the Tax
> Report Option as that line is not available.
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The US Income Tax reporting and exporting-to-txf capabilities in gnucash
are based on txf codes that have not been maintained for many years. As of
the last report I have of txf codes, dated 2004, no code exists for Form
8825 line 14, while at that time there were codes for the other line items
on that Form, so I couldn't include it in the system. If you are aware of a
txf code for this line, please let me know and I can add it.

I would like at some time to replace the existing tax reporting mechanism
with a more robust and extensible one that can be updated and possibly be
used for other taxing jurisdictions (i.e., other countries). But I am not
going to do that for some time because I have other higher priority items
that I want to work on first.

Meanwhile, you can still set up the accounts to capture the information. It
just won't show up on the tax report or be included in any txf exports you
may feed into TurboTax. You will have to enter those few items directly
into TurboTax via their GUI based on other gnucash reports.

If you have any updated information on the codes TurboTax uses for
interfaces, I would very much appreciate getting it. I don't have access to
a recent copy since I don't personally use it.


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