Hi Alex,

I don't have any idea what is the TXF code for those lines. I've googled
and the TurboTax is no longer posting the TXF specification. I can't find
any in the internet.

Surely some one knows how to get the latest TXF spec.


On 2017-08-09 15:03, Alex Aycinena wrote:
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>     Subject: Help on US Tax Form 8825
>     Why GNU Cash can't classify an expenses to be reported in US Federal Tax
>     >From 8825 Line 14 (Depreciation)? TurboTax shows that the annual
>     depreciation shall be reported in this line, but I can't set the Tax
>     Report Option as that line is not available.
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> The US Income Tax reporting and exporting-to-txf capabilities in gnucash
> are based on txf codes that have not been maintained for many years. As of
> the last report I have of txf codes, dated 2004, no code exists for Form
> 8825 line 14, while at that time there were codes for the other line items
> on that Form, so I couldn't include it in the system. If you are aware of
> a txf code for this line, please let me know and I can add it.
> I would like at some time to replace the existing tax reporting mechanism
> with a more robust and extensible one that can be updated and possibly be
> used for other taxing jurisdictions (i.e., other countries). But I am not
> going to do that for some time because I have other higher priority items
> that I want to work on first.
> Meanwhile, you can still set up the accounts to capture the information.
> It just won't show up on the tax report or be included in any txf exports
> you may feed into TurboTax. You will have to enter those few items
> directly into TurboTax via their GUI based on other gnucash reports.
> If you have any updated information on the codes TurboTax uses for
> interfaces, I would very much appreciate getting it. I don't have access
> to a recent copy since I don't personally use it.
> Regards,
> Alex
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