On 8/11/2017 7:31 PM, Chris Tsuji wrote:
    Hopefully, I did this correct.
    I am a treasurer of a not profit orgnization and need to decide on
    using quickbooks or gnucash.
    The currently use quickbooks but has be be redone.
    What is your advice?
    thanks in advance.
    Chris tsuji
QuickBooks Pro for Non-profits did not contain any of the special things accounting for non-profits calls for. In other words, you still have to set that up manually. It is why after a 2006 fire, I chose not to replace Quickbooks. Since some of the organizations for which I am not treasurer but do serve on the finance committee use QuickBooks Pro for Non-profits I can tell you that as of 2017 it STILL has none of the special non-profit features.

Michael D Novack

just a few examples ---- a non-profit might need the usual "business" categories of "vendor" and "customer" but it also would have the category "donor". Pledges are receivables but only according to the terms of the pledge << a pledge of $1000/year for the next ten years is NOT an immediate receivable of $10,000 >> Membership dues (if any) are NOT a receivable while pledges are, but members usually want some sort of unified statement.

PLEASE -- I am NOT saying that gnucash has these features, just that you will have to improvises just as much using QuickBooks so why pay.
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