On 08/11/2017 07:31 PM, Chris Tsuji wrote:
>    Hi
>    Hopefully, I did this correct.
>    I am a treasurer of a not profit orgnization and need to decide on
>    using quickbooks or gnucash.
>    The currently use quickbooks but has be be redone.
>    What is your advice?
>    thanks in advance.
>    Chris tsuji

It depends on your tax jurisdiction and the exact legal status of your
non profit organization.

I am treasurer or a Quaker Meeting in New Jersey, USA. We are considered
a non-profit organization by both the Internal Revenue Service and the
State of New Jersey. We are also considered to be a religious
organization. We have no employees. A consequence is that we need file
no income tax returns.

We do keep books of income and expense because I must write
acknowledgement letters to donors so they can claim income tax
deductions. We also need to keep good records because some organizations
contribute money to us and they need to know aspects of our finances.

I do use GnuCash for this.

Long ago, I used Quicken and TurboTax for my accounts, but TurboTax did
not communicate well with Quicken one year, and I got rid of Windows for
almost all my computing work, so I switched to GnuCash for my personal
accounting. When I was made treasurer, I naturally used it for that too.
(Separate files; in fact a separate user account on my machine.)

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