I've nearly got gnucash running as i want it but i need some advice on
   posting an invoice which is proving confusing.

   I create an invoice where one has to select an Income account; in my
   case a current account.  But when it gets to posting the invoice one
   has to select a 'Post to Account' where one has to create a 'A/c
   receivable'.  I assume this because of the double accounting, but why
   can't I just select an Income account such as 'Wages' at this stage?

   If i create a new 'A/c receivable', then when I post the invoice it
   only goes to that account, but not to my current a/c.  Erh, why is

   Also.  Is there a way of creating an invoice template that comes up
   every time I bill someone.  At the moment I have to go to 'Style sheets
   and select my 'custom invoice' every time I create an invoice in order
   to get it to display properly.

   many thanks

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