On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 04:05:12 GMT Adrien Monteleone wrote:
> It would seem to me the ‘cleaner’ option to store the log and lock files in
> some data directory like ".gnucash" "\Application Data\Gnucash" or
> "~/Library/Application Support/Gnucash" (or otherwise as per the OS
> recommendations) than have everything lumped together. Then, the user can
> store their book in whatever place they like and not have other files the
> app needs lying about to clutter their vision or aid to their confusion.
> Certainly other needed files like reports, user prefs and the like are
> handled this way. I never did grasp why the log and lock files weren’t.

Surely the lock file needs to be in the same place as the main data file?  
of 2 users on an nfs shared directory, for example.  Similarly for the 
backups, though I guess a sub-folder in the same parent as the main data file 
would be tidy.




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