I agree that the backup scheme should be as idiot proof as possible.

However, one reason (of several) that I personally am not using a cloud
service yet is that I do not see how the cloud would handle all all those
log files coming and going and data files being renamed every few minutes.

Also, ordinary users get lost if they browse the folder looking for a data

Perhaps a simple (?) scheme of putting backup s in a sub folder named
filename_backup or similar might help with these issues, even if it adds
overhead to move files around.

I think the developer s are considering relocating backups in the 3.0
release do this is a good time to discuss this.

Sorry my tablet just decided that I nrrdrf a smaller keyboard.


On Feb 12, 2018 9:49 AM, "Mike or Penny Novack" <
stepbystepf...@dialup4less.com> wrote:

> On 2/12/2018 10:08 AM, David Carlson wrote:
> Johnathan,
> GnuCash may or may not play well with various cloud storage services
> because of it's insistence (in current releases) on keeping it's automatic
> backups in the same folder as the data file.
> Just so understood why it makes sense (to me)  to "insist" the automatic
> backups go into the same directory as the file. It guarantees gnucash being
> able to make up a UNIQUE name for the backups. If you were allowed to
> specify a directory B  in which to put the automatic backups for
> books.gnucash in directory A, what prevents directory B from also
> containing  a file named books.gnucash ?
> Yes of course, care by the user could prevent a disaster like that, but as
> somebody who used to get paid to unscramble messes caused by that sort of
> carelessness, absolute prevention is better.
> Michael D Novack
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