On Tue, 13 Feb 2018, Dave H wrote:

Do you have a printer of any sort installed for the business user and not
the personal user ?


  Two points:

  1)  The laser printers (one b&w, the other color) are both connected to
the network. Neither is on unless I'm printing so anything sent to either is
held in the print buffer. And, I'm not sending output to either, but to file
on disk; at least that's what I'm trying to do. Both 'users' run the same
instance of gnucash; I switch between them from the File menu.

  2)  When I changed the report display the business account reports
displayed the same error message as the personal account reports.

  Most software (at least that which I regularly use) allow printing a .ps
or .pdf file to disk from the print function. I realize that GnuCash using
separate functions, print to output to a physical device and export to save
a PDF to a directory is the same as that used by newer versions of Firefox.
When I viewed a PDF file in versios < 50 and wanted a copy I would use
Ctrl-p to initiate printing and specify printing to a file. Now all PDF
files are displayed on the screen and there are two icons: the printer one
sends output to a physical device and the download one saves the content to
a file on disk.



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