On Tue, 13 Feb 2018, John Ralls wrote:

What does "changed the report display for the business account" mean?


  It means I changed the stylesheet from Default to Footer.

Yes, "Export to PDF..." does indeed run the same dialog, pre-populated
with some options for printing to file. If that works for both accounts
then when it doesn't work from Print ... it probably means that you've
selected some options in the dialog that are incompatible with making a

  'Export to PDF' works for all reports on both accounts. Trying to print
the reports (using any stylesheet) is not allowed. The only options I change
are the stylesheet and the period covered by the reports (i.e,.

  Having the reports placed on disk as .pdf files is what I need. Using the
export rather than print menu items does the job so that's fine with me.

Thanks very much,

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