Thanks John for the comprehensive answer, I will hold off until 3.0

On 14/03/18 00:30, John Ralls wrote:

On Mar 13, 2018, at 4:47 AM, elvis <> wrote:


I run Gnucash under Gentoo and it has recently recommended it be upgraded to 

Currently I use 2.6.15

I was wondering if there was any real problem with doing this? I understand the 
database changes format, that's not a problem.
The reason Gentoo recommends upgrading to 2.7.x is that 2.6.x requires an old 
version of libwebkit and Gentoo wants to get rid of that dependency. 2.7.x uses 
up-to-date libwebkit.

Unfortunately 2.7.x is an unstable release series with frequent releases and 
Gentoo isn’t keeping up: 2.7.4 was from the end of January, we just released 
2.7.6 yesterday and will release 2.7.7 next weekend. If everything goes well 
3.0 will follow the weekend after that.

I’d recommend *not* installing 2.7.4. 2.7.6 is much more stable, but there are 
still a couple of significant bugs that we know about. If you want to be a 
beta-tester you could install that, but if you just want to get your accounting 
done you should wait for 3.0.

John Ralls

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