What you’ve done with the Benefits section is better, but I still feel that any 
mention of benefits of migration is misplaced here. Someone looking for ways to 
migrate from Quicken presumably has already come to this conclusion.

* I have edited the tips portion further. I added a tip regarding the whole 
Categories/Accounts paradigm. 

* I modified your tip regarding import of categories only, since it isn’t 
strictly necessary. 

I think it’s useful here to note that I didn’t have to either import the 
account structure or individual accounts separately when I imported my large 
QIF file way back in the dark ages—I simply exported everything in one big QIF 
and did the import from that. That was when I discovered the holes in my 
Quicken data. I chose to go back in to Quicken, fill in those holes, and 
re-export the entire file again, repeating until I had a clean enough import to 
move forward. I know that others have had a different experience.

* I modified the tip about multiple currencies to more accurately reflect the 
situation and make it clear that the problem isn’t with GnuCash, but with QIF.


> On Apr 4, 2018, at 12:52 PM, Alen Siljak <> wrote:
> Hi, David,
> You are right. I've removed the benefits section but kept the fact about open 
> data standards. Apart from being a benefit (to me), it is also a consequence 
> of migration that may or may not be important for users.
>> You mention multi-currency problems with QIF, saying that GnuCash only 
>> handles one currency per file. However, I am under the impression that the 
>> problem of multiple currencies had to do with the *QIF* specification, and 
>> not GnuCash. In other words, the problem isn't that GnuCash doesn’t handle 
>> multiple currencies, it’s that QIF doesn’t. Can anyone confirm that for me?
> Yes, that's probably true. However, if an application interprets a transfer 
> in such a manner that it takes 100 Euros from one and then deposits 100 AUD 
> into another account without warning the user, that's a big no-no for me.
> Thanks for the feedback!

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