> On Jan 7, 2018, at 5:23 PM, Ron Burek <rb66...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am currently using ver. 2.6.12 and decided to upgrade to 2.6.19 on Win 10
> Pro (fully updated). When I use any version greater than 2.6.16 and try to
> generate any report, the program crashes.  Ver 2.6.16 and back down to
> 2.6.12 work perfectly.
> Not certain if this is correct but I found a trace report in \user\app
> data\local\temp\gnucash.trace.M3PICZ.log with the following line  "*
> 18:31:13  WARN <gnc.app-utils> Could not spawn perl: Failed to execute
> child process (No such file or directory) ".
> Can someone please point me towards possible fixes.  Yes, I have tried
> searching throughout the mail list and elsewhere but have not found a
> solution.

The error message about perl is normal if you haven’t configured online price 

A crash is worth a bug report, so please file one after running GnuCash from a 
command prompt (CMD or Powershell):
  "c:\Program Files (x86)\gnucash\bin\gnucash" --debug --extra
and running a report that crashes GnuCash. Attach the resulting trace file to 
the bug report, compressing it first if necessary.

John Ralls

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