Is everyone aware of the impact of GDPR on their customers/vendors data stored 
within GnuCash?  I admit I've only just become aware of it and am still puzzled 
as what I should do to be compliant.

It seems I may have to either delete all my customer data or "repermission" my 
existing customers and vendors in order to hold any data about them. I'm not 
sure how GnuCash will behave if I delete customer data, given that I can't do 
that via GnuCash and will have to "manually" edit my database (or XML file in 
my case). I should probably file an enhancement request to add a delete 
customer facility to GnuCash.

It may be only applicable if you hold data for the purposes of mailing list 

There may be issues if you backup or store your GnuCash data "in the cloud" as 
this probably means moving data to servers based outside of the EU. In which 
case it will have to be encrypted before transmission. I guess that applies for 
server storage inside the EU too. Business users storing unencrypted data in 
the "cloud" would fall foul of the regulations.

There's a Wikipedia article at 

and there's

Just a few discussion points.
Mike Evans
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