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"Maf. King" <m...@chilwell.net> wrote:

> On Tuesday, 10 April 2018 13:24:55 BST Colin Law wrote:
> > However I believe that any data that is required for 'contractual'
> > reasons is not covered.  When one sells anything there is an implicit
> > (or explicit) contract so I assume (though I have no qualifications in
> > this area) that customer data required for invoices and so on would
> > not be covered.  However if I were a business with customer data I
> > would be asking my legal guy about this.
> >   
> That is basically what I've been advised.  If you sell stuff, then you are 
> able to hold invoice & delivery details for the purposes of that transaction 
> (and future transactions too)  Also, in the case of the invoice address, 
> there 
> is no "right to be forgotten" as it is statutory info that you have to hold 
> for the tax authorities to inspect (should they wish to).
> What you can't do  for example, is use the delivery data to send a marketing 
> mailshot without prior, documented, explicit consent for that use, and even 
> then, only is sofar as you have said you would in the privacy policy.
> IANAL, but I don't think this is an issue for GC  - indeed, for many years it 
> was remarkably hard to get customer details out of GC to use for other 
> purposes!
> Maf.

Good points and now having read:


I'm inclined to agree that this is not an issue for GnuCash.
It seems though that I need to document this as part of company policy.

Mike E
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