2018-04-10T09:51:58+0200 Saša Janiška wrote:
> E.g. gnucash-users list uses Mailman which does provide e.g. List-Id
> header for simple filtering...

Probably some weak webmail client full of non-free software through
client-side JavaScript, such as Gmail and Outlook's webmail. They do
have filters, but not generally good, and are somewhat enticing in a way
that the end-user never questions the features or misbehaviors provided,
such that they just use it as it is.

A rule of thumb for those reading through webmail or starting to
configure email clients: For emailing (not just mailing lists), use an
email client with POP3 for receiving and SMTP for sending --- make sure
to configure both with TLS and secure authentication ---, after this, go
to the *webmail* and order it to *not* send email to "Spam" or "Junk"
directories --- contact the webmail provider for details on how to do
this ---, instead send those emails to "INBOX" and have the suspicious
emails' subject appended with something like "*SPAM*", or do no subject
change and instead make the *email client* itself split by an antispam
header. Appending "*SPAM*" to the subject avoids having the annoying
situation in which someone sends you an important message but it's
forgotten in the junk/spam directory. I have sent a job application
November last year, but only got the read receipt (disposition
notification) last week, and the recipient had a Gmail/Hotmail email
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