On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 8:37 AM Colin Law <clan...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10 April 2018 at 12:51, Adonay Felipe Nogueira <adf...@hyperbola.info>
> wrote:
> > 2018-04-10T09:51:58+0200 Saša Janiška wrote:
> >> E.g. gnucash-users list uses Mailman which does provide e.g. List-Id
> >> header for simple filtering...
> >
> > Probably some weak webmail client full of non-free software through
> > client-side JavaScript, such as Gmail and Outlook's webmail. They do
> > have filters, but not generally good, and are somewhat enticing in a way
> > that the end-user never questions the features or misbehaviors provided,
> > such that they just use it as it is.
> I have no problems filtering mailing lists with gmail. I just opened
> one of the posts, told gmail to 'filter messages like this' told it
> which folder to put them in and it works, as far as I can see,
> flawlessly.  Gnucash mails are automatically moved to the folder on
> receipt.

I concur. Gmail does server-side filtering and labelling, not client-side.

When I go into my gmail settings, I can see a list of filters, one of which
is "Matches: list:(gnucash-user@gnucash.org)/Do this: apply label
'gnucash/gnucash-user" and all my gnucash-user email is labelled as a
gnucash-user email.

Google Inbox is a different front-end for the same mail back-end, and it
uses (again, serverside) a Bayesian categorizer to place emails in
user-definable "bundles", such as "gnucash". It does this behind the scenes
by adding a gmail label to the mail.

Which means that when I look at this email in gmail, I'll see it
listed as "gnucash
gnucash/gnucash-user [GNC] Re: GNC Addition of Mailing List Subject
Prefix", which is getting a bit ridiculous.

> I also think this idea is just adding clutter.
> Colin
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