Op zaterdag 7 april 2018 07:29:34 CEST schreef René Romijn:
> Hi Colin,
> That won't work entirly because gnucash is looking for the reports at the
> Documents .gnucash directory, because it cannot find them gnucash is using
> the Temp directory for the custom reports.

That's not completely correct. As of gnucash 3.0 custom reports are searched 
for in
which would typically translate to

The first time you run gnucash 3.0 the files in your .gnucash directory should 
be migrated there.

Does that directory exist and hold a file named saved-reports-2.8 ? Or other 
files starting with saved-reports ?

I guess not since you mention gnucash is using the Temp directory, which it 
only does if the CSIDL_APPDATA\gnucash directory can't be used (read-only, 
inaccessible, impossible to create).

Can you also post the contents of your trace file [1] ? Ideally the one from 
when you first ran gnucash 3.0, but I suspect all tracefiles from 3.0 will 
hold the same warnings regarding the path.



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