Hi Geert,

This is what the trace is saying after the first start of 3.0:

* 17:23:16 WARN <gnc.app-utils> Could not spawn perl: Uitvoeren van 
dochterproces is mislukt (No such file or directory)
* 17:23:16 WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [GncDbiBackend<Type>::session_begin()] 
Sqlite3 file C:\Users\René 
Romijn\Documents\InstInkt\Boekhouding\InstInkt.gnucash not found
* 17:24:15 CRIT <gnc.core-utils> Cannot open file 
C:\Users\RENROM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\René Romijn\GnuCash\expressions-2.0: No 
such file or directory

Its getting confused with the é sign and because it cannot decode it, its 
translatet to é Result is that my old .gnucash is not converted and my custom 
reports cannot be saved.

Op 10 april 2018 17:34:09 +02:00, schreef Geert Janssens 

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> Op dinsdag 10 april 2018 14:20:13 CEST schreef René Romijn:
> > Hi Geert,
> > 
> > I allready reverted back to 2.6.20, but i can try again.
> > 
> > The problem is that my username contains é and gnucash 3.0 seems that it
> > cannot handle that.
> > 
> > Where exactly are the trace files located?
> > 
> Oops, I forgot to add the link explaining that:
> <http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Tracefile>
> Geert

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