Hello everyone,

I'm on Windows and for v2, I built a backup script that runs and backs up
the following:

   - Datafile
   - my .gnucash directory (as defined in variable GNC_DOT_DIR)
   - gsettings from HKCU\Software\GSettings\org\gnucash
   - aqbanking directory

As I prepare to move to v3, I wanted to ensure that I have everything in my

I know that the GNC Config directory is now pointed to by GNC_DOC_DIR and
it sounds like the default location as switched to CSIDL_APPDATA\gnucash,
but is my list still complete?  Anything else change?

I've gone through the release notes and I think it's right, but now is the
time to check before I need anything :)

Thank you everyone.

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