Op dinsdag 10 april 2018 17:47:24 CEST schreef Fross, Michael:
> Thanks Geert.  I thought you had posted some time ago about the change in
> v3 but I may have misread.
> I don't use .gnucash in my home dir (windows) as I like to keep all of my
> GNC stuff together on an encrypted drive.  I then use GNC_DOT_DIR to point
> to that. (I also use AQBanking_Home to point to the encrypted drive.)
> I thought I read (probably mistaken) that in v3, GNC_DOT_DIR was deprecated
> and that GNC_DOC_DIR replaced it.
I see the release announcement mentions GNC_DOC_PATH rather than GNC_DOC_DIR. 
This variable is indeed still used but it's not a replacement for GNC_DOT_DIR. 
I will update the release announcement. The proper replacement is 

> Does v3 still use GNC_DOT_DIR?
I don't think so.

Note that gnucash will not migrate any of your metadata (saved reports, open 
tabs in your files, stylesheets) if you were using GNC_DOT_DIR with gnucash 
2.x. I think this is how it should be, but in order to continue to use it in 
3.0 you'll have to set GNC_DATA_HOME instead to point at the same directory.

Also note that as of gnucash 3.0 you can create a file named 
'environment.local' next to the environment file in which you can set 
variables like GNC_DATA_HOME or AQBANKING_HOME. This file will never be 
overwritten by gnucash (or the gnucash installer).



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