To Whistler and Amish:

/If you have upgraded to Gnucash 2.7 onwards:/

To Whistler: See attached patch - you can apply to your sources and rebuild, or patch transaction.scm in gnucash installation folder.

To Amish: You can set Filter/Transaction Filter regex option to true, and use POSIX regular expressions to your content (which may not have an intuitive negative-string matcher).



On 10/04/18 20:16, Amish wrote:
Not sending a new email for a similar feature.

Is there a way to have a Negative filter.

Like Memo *not* containing word "Credit Note"


On Tuesday 10 April 2018 04:02 PM, C Whistler wrote:
Dear community,

I have started using Gnucash recently and would like to use the existing
transaction report to filter out specific transactions.

Though currently I cannot find the option to filter transaction by number.

I am guessing the easiest way would be to modify the exiting
Transaction.scm. If someone could kindly give me a hand for the code to
add/modify please it will be much appreciated.
(I have some experience in scripting and am starting to pick up scheme now.)

Best regards,

diff --git a/gnucash/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm b/gnucash/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm
index 1feee34d0..579b7fac8 100644
--- a/gnucash/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm
+++ b/gnucash/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm
@@ -505,7 +505,7 @@ Expenses:Car and Expenses:Flights. Use a period (.) to match a single character
     pagename-filter optname-transaction-matcher
-    "i1" (_ "Show only transactions where description, notes, or memo matches this filter.
+    "i1" (_ "Show only transactions where description, notes, num, or memo matches this filter.
 e.g. '#gift' will find all transactions with #gift in description, notes or memo. It can be left \
 blank, which will disable the filter.")
@@ -1919,6 +1919,7 @@ tags within description, notes or memo. ")
                                    ((include) (is-filter-member split c_account_2))
                                    ((exclude) (not (is-filter-member split c_account_2))))
                                  (or (string-null? transaction-matcher) ; null-string = ignore filters
+                                     (match? (gnc-get-num-action trans split))
                                      (match? (xaccTransGetDescription trans))
                                      (match? (xaccTransGetNotes trans))
                                      (match? (xaccSplitGetMemo split)))
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