Thank you Christopher ! I will give it a try.

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Christopher Lam <>
寄件日期: 2018年4月10日 13:01
主旨: Re: [GNC] Additional filter option (by number) for Transaction report

To Whistler and Amish:

/If you have upgraded to Gnucash 2.7 onwards:/

To Whistler: See attached patch - you can apply to your sources and
rebuild, or patch transaction.scm in gnucash installation folder.

To Amish: You can set Filter/Transaction Filter regex option to true,
and use POSIX regular expressions to your content (which may not have an
intuitive negative-string matcher).



On 10/04/18 20:16, Amish wrote:
> Not sending a new email for a similar feature.
> Is there a way to have a Negative filter.
> Like Memo *not* containing word "Credit Note"
> Amish.
> On Tuesday 10 April 2018 04:02 PM, C Whistler wrote:
>> Dear community,
>> I have started using Gnucash recently and would like to use the existing
>> transaction report to filter out specific transactions.
>> Though currently I cannot find the option to filter transaction by
>> number.
>> I am guessing the easiest way would be to modify the exiting
>> Transaction.scm. If someone could kindly give me a hand for the code to
>> add/modify please it will be much appreciated.
>> (I have some experience in scripting and am starting to pick up
>> scheme now.)
>> Best regards,
>> Whistler

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