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D <sunfis...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am fully aware of the limitations of self-selected surveys and
> their validity of gauging sentiment. I was not intending to submit my
> research to any peer reviewed journals. I *will* note that the
> replies to my own non-scientific survey continue to trend at about
> three to one against, which, while not necessarily statistically
> valid, nevertheless tends to indicate an overall negative view of the
> decision.
> I am more concerned that these changes were implemented at the urging
> of (at the time) a grand total of TWO individual requests, all
> without any request for feedback from the rest of the readership. And
> now, when it has been raised as an issue, I'm not hearing any
> indication of a reversal.
> So, if I suggest that the list prefix should use emojis instead
> (like, say, [👻👀]), and someone (perversely) agrees with that, will
> that get implemented? It is distinctive, and one third shorter than
> "GNC", after all.
Hello David...

I personally find the Prefix VERY useful, as explained in another post,
but I could if I wished simply code a pre-processing of the incoming
gnucash-user emails to add a '[GNC]' to the subject if it wasn't there,
probably would take me a few seconds to do so, I just never thought to
do so before. Likewise, you could write a pre-process that removes the
'[GNC]' on your incoming emails if you so desired, assuming your email
client supports it. IMHO, this is NOT a real issue to get aggravated

Anyway, in my 'just a user' opinion this also isn't really the way to
go about it.  A technical mailing list is not a democratic institution.
Take it up with the mailing list administrator directly, off list, and
leave the list for actual GnuCash discussions. Just my 2 and 3/4 cents
(inflation, you know...) 

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