On 04/11/2018 11:17, Adrien Monteleone wrote:
Seriously? Everyone has to have this tag added because *some* people either 
don’t know how or don’t *want* to use the features of their own e-mail client?
even in our small group, you must have seen that some people want this feature to do the filtering. this very type of tag (id within brackets at start of subject) is used often in filtering.

but according to you, the manner they are filtering (based on email subject) is not an acceptable way to use an email client.

i would hope the email list would try to limit the barriers to people using any client they want in any manner they want. this is not extendable all the way down to each individual tweak: but this particular feature (subject tagging) is wanted by more than a single individual.

Could you imagine what GnuCash would look like if the devs treated the app the 
same way? If they added (or removed) features, or re-arranged the UI simply 
because some people don’t *feel* like using it the way it was designed and 
intended to be used?
first: why do you get to decide how email is "intended to be used?" (you don't) second: an email subject is not the same thing as an application (although there are some similarities) third: the gnucash dev[s] probably would like to make the application as useful to as many people as possible. this is a guess on my part as i am not one and do not in any way speak for them. of course, as volunteer devs, there are limits of time energy and interest that may prevent some of these changes from being implemented.

again, this bracketed id in the email subject is a very common feature of very many email lists. it's never been used for gnucash (until now). people have responded that it's helpful to them. others have thought it's annoying or an example of people not using their email clients in the "correct" manner. so it becomes an issue among the members to decide for themselves how to use the list.

to me the change offers benefits to many of the subscribers. and the downside (6 extra chars in subject [including space]) does not seem to take anything away from the functioning of the list to deliver news and conversation about gnucash.

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