On Wed, 11 Apr 2018 10:17:59 -0500
Adrien Monteleone <adrien.montele...@lusfiber.net> wrote:

> My questions were rhetorical as I noted in a later reply to him. I
> knew what his mail client was and what its abilities are. (I could
> see it in the header) My point was that if he wants to ‘filter’ his
> mail, he has the tools to do so and they are not difficult to use. In
> fact, in his reply, he noted that he does physically filter mail into
> some 80 folders with about 154 different filtering rules. He just
> doesn’t *feel* like doing it with the list.

'He' is obviously me, and you are misrepresenting my words. Neither
truthful nor nice, Adrien.

I do indeed filter this list.  It is filtered into the same folder I
filter all my other mailing lists into, heck I even have a dedicated
email address just for mailing lists, it just doesn't get its own
folder as I prefer it that way.  This is a preference not laziness.  I
also prefer to buy my meat at a market rather than hunt my own dinner,
even though I could easily do the latter: I have 'the tools to do so
and they are not difficult to use' in your words.  Would you have a
problem with that preference, also?

The prefix addition was a GOOD change.  Leave it alone.


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