Same error here.

I have 3 different gnucash files. The 3 open flawlessly in gnucash 2.6.20,
even with reports active.

Only one of them is subject to the bug.

I verified all that file in 2.6.20 before upgrade (action ==> verify and
repair ==> all) and closed every window except accounts. The only specific
to this file is that the account plan was imported from a file at
initialisation back in 2014.

The log file goes: 

* 10:34:33  CRIT <gnc.core-utils> gnc_uri_get_components: assertion 'uri !=
NULL && strlen (uri) > 0' failed
* 10:34:33  CRIT <GLib> g_ascii_strcasecmp: assertion 's1 != NULL' failed
* 10:34:37  CRIT <GLib> g_utf8_to_utf16: assertion 'str != NULL' failed

When I downgrade to 2.6.20 the file open without difficulties.

Can someone file a bug with that info ?

Cheers for the work  the dev team,


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