I was making my budget for the rest of the year today. I noticed that
accounts that I've not used before do not show in the budget view. Would
someone please tell me how to include them?  For example, in my current
flat, I do not pay a "council tax", so I've not made any entries under
Taxes > Property tax, and so, it isn't listed in the Budget. However, I'm
moving to a new place now, and will start paying the council tax now, so
I'd like to include it in the budget.

I've a query regarding placeholder accounts in the budget view too. My
"dining" account has two sub accounts: "drinks", and "food", for
example. Dining is a "placeholder" account and the values associated
with it show in light grey colour in the budget view. When I'd entered
my budgets for "food" and "drink", the total dining budget was the total
sum, as expected. However, I clicked on the value for "Dining", by
mistake, and the editable text box showed up, and now it's become an
editable field in black. The value is no longer updated as the sum of
"food" and "drinks". Is there some way to revert it to the original "sum
of all sub accounts" behaviour?

I'm on Fedora 28 here, with Gnucash 3.0:

Thanks everyone,

Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"


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