The function of ‘placeholder’ for the account is separate than the function of 
rolling up the totals of sub accounts in the budget module. As far as I can 
tell, they are not related in any way. I have several parent accounts that are 
not placeholders, but I don’t enter budgets for them, I only enter budgets for 
the child accounts, and the budget module shows their total in the parent.

The placeholder setting on an account does not prevent you from independently 
setting a budget for it. If you set a budget for a parent account, that will be 
its budget, but if you do not set one, it’s budget will be the sum of its 

Simply delete the budget you entered for the parent, and you’ll see it now 
changes to a grey text as the sum of the children.

Setting a budget for a parent that is marked as a placeholder does not change 
its status as a placeholder. Try setting a budget for such an account and then 
opening that account register - you can’t open the register, because it’s 
marked as a placeholder, still.

The two functions are entirely separate.


> Ah, hrm. There aren't any transactions in "dining". If I try to open it from 
> the accounts view, I get the usual warning that the account register is 
> read-only. It's just that in the budget view, one seems to be able to set a 
> budget for the place-holder account separately, and then it ceases to behave 
> like a place-holder account where its value should be a sum of the 
> sub-accounts. -- Thanks, Regards, Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"

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