This might be fixed in the next release. The last comment by Bob on bug 794953:, seems to explain his 
solution such that what you are seeing will likely also be fixed. (might even 
be the same issue)


> Using: gnucash-3.0 on Slackware Linux 14.2
> When an account's register is open, the tab should show the account name.
> With GnuCash-3.0 I'm seeing something very odd. Account names of 6
> characters and longer are correctly displayed using a tab of the correct
> width. Account names shorter than 6 characters are truncated - with the
> 'middle cut out' as the help text says. (Actual behavior depends on the
> character width, I think - it doesn't always start below 6.)
> Examples:
> "Salary" (6 characters) is shown as "Salary"
> "Phone" (5 characters) is shown as "Ph...e"
> "Cash" (4 characters) is shown as "C...h"
> "Gas" (3 characters) is shown as "G..."
> "OT" (2 characters) is shown as "..."
> This is very strange. Why is it truncating short names, rather than only
> long names?  (This is with the default preferences under Windows: Tabs: Width
> 30 characters, Position: Top.)

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