Yes thanks, that bug report is the same issue.
Don't know why I didn't find it when searching bugzilla before posting... I kept getting either > 500 results or 0 results.

Adrien Monteleone wrote:
This might be fixed in the next release. The last comment by Bob on bug 794953:, seems to explain his 
solution such that what you are seeing will likely also be fixed. (might even 
be the same issue)


Using: gnucash-3.0 on Slackware Linux 14.2

When an account's register is open, the tab should show the account name.
With GnuCash-3.0 I'm seeing something very odd. Account names of 6
characters and longer are correctly displayed using a tab of the correct
width. Account names shorter than 6 characters are truncated - with the
'middle cut out' as the help text says. (Actual behavior depends on the
character width, I think - it doesn't always start below 6.)


"Salary" (6 characters) is shown as "Salary"
"Phone" (5 characters) is shown as "Ph...e"
"Cash" (4 characters) is shown as "C...h"
"Gas" (3 characters) is shown as "G..."
"OT" (2 characters) is shown as "..."

This is very strange. Why is it truncating short names, rather than only
long names?  (This is with the default preferences under Windows: Tabs: Width
30 characters, Position: Top.)

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