Hello Dadvid Cousens,

I only have one question more, because I'm not an accounting, And the ways
you guided to me to record tax with "Cash Accounting" look great and i think
it will work for me.

*My question is :
I saw that, i need to credit from "Liabily" and debit to "equity" instead of
"expense"..... Like you said.

So, is it a trick to control my tax liability? Or it is a way to control tax
liability and following the real life?

Example : Because i want everything in my GnuCash following my real life,
That why i don't create any "saving account" when i didn't have it. Or if i
bought something with my credit card, i won't record it in GnuCash that I
bought it by my Cash in Wallet. I want gnucash show me exactly the amount
and what i did "in real life". Hope you will understand what i mean. 

Now, I'm rebuilding my GnuCash Account structure and use it to control my
real life. I believe that i am following "Cash Accounting". That why i'm
asking you to sure, before let my GnuCash go to work.

Thank you Dadvid Counsens, and sorry for my bad english.
P/S: It's look like when i close my book, My expense and income reset to
"0", what i have left are the information about equity, liability, asset.


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