I've posted a new patch at http://trac.gnugo.org/gnugo/ticket/150 which
contains a first version of my Monte Carlo code which should be in good enough shape to be added to CVS. It doesn't represent the full strength
of the MonteGNU account on CGOS 9x9 but should at least suffice for a
2000 rating there.

To turn it on, use the option "--monte-carlo". To set the number of
Monte Carlo simulations per move, use the option "--mc-games-per-level".
That number (default 8000) is multiplied by the current level to give
the actual number of simulations per move.

Notice, however, that the --monte-carlo option will set the maximum
allowed boardsize to 9x9. This is intentional because the code simply
doesn't scale to larger boards. Of course anybody who is competent enough to modify the source code can change this, but I think that's a fair barrier.

Please try it out.


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