Nils Gillmann transcribed 2.6K bytes:
> Christian Grothoff transcribed 2.8K bytes:
> > It converts the output of gnunet-zonewalk (from src/dns/) into the input
> > format for gnunet-gns-benchmark, as documented in the first few lines of
> > the shell script. Nothing that would ever concern normal users.
> I know, but I think contrib is messy and without any structure.
> My idea is to move some of the tools into src/dev-tools, and keep
> whatever is really just "contrib" in contrib.
> So since I did not find any use of this script in the rootdir, I can
> move it elsewhere. I will send the diff of the patches for review,
> since it involves moving around some undocumented files I can only
> assume which will break people's or servers work-flow in the worst
> case.
> One of the cases where a review is good.

Okay, to be more precise: There are scripts and files in
(gnunet.git)/bin and (gnunet.git)/contrib which serve a
similar purpose.
I know what's in there for most of its content, but it could
be structured better so that I can save a couple of lines and repetitions
while documenting it.

In my view, there are small script-like applications you'd install (or
at the very least compile) and which don't change very often. They are
used without any codebase dependency (like testsuites, install process,

Then there's testdata (configs, sourcecode,..) which could either be
moved into the respective folder in src/ or in a folder structure in
We have CI data, which will go into contrib/CI/$name.
Editor configs, eclipse so far as well as other config files
can go into contrib/conf/$name.
gns specific -> contrib/gns
etc pp.

What about "sound"? This looks like it should be moved into gnunet-gtk

I only need a review for buildbot, or at least info if our buildbots get
unhappy when the data that is buildbot related moves into contrib/ci/buildbot.

The rest will be resolved by myself.

> > On 05/17/2018 10:15 PM, Nils Gillmann wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > I'm cleaning up the contrib folder a bit. Restructuring and moving some
> > > files into new folders. What I wasn't able to find is information about
> > > "zonewalk-to-types", is it used manually? grep returned nothing.

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