On 10/10/17 04:06, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> I'm not inclined to make this change.

That to me means I would support leaving it as is. I don't feel strongly
on writing it one way or another, but I do dislike the pressure some
people exert on others pushing their view. If however you are
consistently writing "Microsoft Windows®" everywhere in the FAQ, I'd
find it natural to write "GNU/Linux" as well.

I think you should pick your fights. That means I think people shouldn't
be pushing others to include GNU/. It also means I would soon capitulate
and just give them their way, changing it to GNU/Linux. It's just not
worth it. Luckily, I've yet to see people pushing to drop the GNU/ :-).

> If anyone has strong feelings on it one way or another, chime in.

I'm chiming in to say I don't have strong feelings :-D.



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