Firstly, my knowledge of GPG is very weak and I am not a UNIX administrator, so 
my access and knowledge are rather limited.

I have been asked to set up file encryption / decryption of files transferred 
between our SUN OS servers and two customer's servers.
One customer is using a basic 2048 size key, the other a 3072 key.
GPG has been installed and I have created my keys per the requirements of the 
clients and imported their keys without issues.
I can encrypt files for them Ok and can decrypt the files they send me.

However, the time taken to encrypt and decrypt each file is colossal - between 
6 (2048 key files) and 15 seconds (3072 key files)  per file.

I have set this up on two different local servers (same OS) and get the same 

The server details are:  SunOS ioponnet-kn-t1 5.10 Generic_142909-17 sun4v 
sparc sun4v

I have tried recreating the keys locally, but no change.
The other party says that encryption / decryption at their end takes in the 
order of 50ms per file.

Can anyone suggest anything to help reduce the time to something more viable?



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